Highlight of BBNaija 2021 Week 7 Sunday Live Show

Jackie B and Jaypaul have been evicted from the Big Brother’s House on Day 50 of the Shine Ya Eye Season. Another fantastic Live Eviction Show on Sunday! Following last week’s triple Eviction, we’re guessing the Big Brother Housemates are relieved that only two of them were evicted tonight.

Ebuka invited us into the House for a talk with the week’s Head of House and Deputy Head of House, the everpresent EmmaRose, after the regular summary of the week. β€œSomeone who is entertaining,” Emmanuel said when asked to define a β€œentertaining Housemate.” You’re a true Shakespeare, Emmanuel. Pere seized the opportunity during his talk with Ebuka to remind everyone how much he misses Maria. We don’t know if she misses him… If she doesn’t, it’s going to be awkward.

In true Ebuka style, he understood how to prolong our suspense – it seemed like an eternity before we learned who the first Evicted Housemate was. Ebuka shook a table and asked Yousef to “speak about Angel.” Ebuka advised Yousef that Friday night “doesn’t look more like a talk” after he claimed they have wonderful conversations.

The first Evicted Housemate of the night β€” Jaypaul – was then announced. Jaypaul previously told Biggie that just being in the Big Brother House was “the best chance” he’d ever had, and that it had lifted his confidence “to the rooftop. We hope he keeps that confidence after he leaves the House. A disappointed Saskay kissed him farewell after an emotional goodbye. Jaypaul, not one to allow his eviction get the best of him, used his leave to inspire the remaining Housemates – very classy.

β€œI’m happy for every opportunity,” Jaypaul stated after being invited onstage for his farewell interview with Ebuka. On the matter of Cross, he stated that he had no ill thoughts toward him or his feelings for Saskay since he can empathize with him. When asked about his plans for the future, Jaypaul stated that he would like to work on television as well as return to film school, which is quite a task.

Then Ebuka returned to the Housemates β€” only for a chat – and our anguish was amplified once more. They didn’t want to know who else was being evicted, and neither did we! β€œAs you can see, Queen is a really attractive lady,” he said, asking Cross to speak about his relationship with Queen. Her vitality appeals to me.” Finally, Cross provided a direct response. Queen said β€œhe’s been a really good buddy to me,” when questioned about Whitemoney. He was also referred to as a “acting boyfriend” by her. She struggled to articulate exactly what she meant.

However, it was never going to be completely conversational. That table-shaker extraordinaire was bound to send another Housemate packing at some point, and when that moment arrived, it was Jackie B’s turn to exit through the same door she had entered seven weeks before. Jackie B informed Big Brother earlier today that she was excited for the Live Eviction Show since she had never been Nominated before and wanted to “experience the terrifying element of getting Nominated.” Now that she’s had her fill of it, she’ll never do it again. We’re not sure if she’s still ecstatic.

In a conversation with Ebuka, she described her time in the House as “wonderful.” When asked about Whitemoney, she said he gave her “daddy vibes,” causing Ebuka to inquire whether she had “daddyzoned” him. When asked if she would be interested in pursuing Michael outside of the House, she immediately said, “Yes!” She, like Jaypaul, indicated an interest in working in the entertainment sector for her future.

Following that, Ebuka had just enough time to offer some counsel to the Housemates. β€œMake sure you have a good time.” Simple advice, delivered simply.

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