Highlight of Week 7 in BBNaija House

E choked! We’re here for everything, from the growing love interests to the wahala, from week seven’s narrative twists and surprises.

Housemates began this week with an intriguing take on the Head of House Games, complete with a surprising storyline twist. By separating the Head of House and the Veto Power, Biggie adds a new dimension to the HoH Challenge. After a fierce battle among the Housemates for this desired honour, Emmanuel was crowned Head of House and chose Liquorose as his Deputy. The HOH Lounge and an Executive Lounge experience were provided to the Emmarose cruise. Pere earned the Veto power and avoided being nominated for the Nominated Housemates list – talk about serendipity.

The pleasant surprises

Biggie brought his A-game all week to keep the Housemates on their toes with some of the most surprising surprises. Each Housemate was given a goldfish pet that they were to name and care for. Housemates have started conducting impromptu Diary Sessions with their fish as a means to engage with them. While they’re learning about fish language, their goldfish companions have opened up in a Diary Session of their own.

Big Brother even went so far as to satisfy a few Housemate requests, such as Jaypaul receiving a basket of flowers for Saskay and Jackie B receiving her Gallery Wall with Michael’s photo and past Shine Ya Eye Housemates. Well, we hope Cross’s threat/pleading for an Executive Lounge experience is taken seriously soon, or, as luck would have it, when he most needs it.

Whew, the ships!

What an eventful week in the lives of the shippers’ love life. We saw the ups and downs of the Jaypaul and Saskay relationship, from his declaration of love to their almost-breakup, reunion, and eventually their passionate kiss. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but they aren’t the only ones who have experienced some shipping wahala.

The way Whitemoney overshared some sensitive information about Queen with other Housemates caused some friction between Whitemoney and Queen. After all, the boys enjoy kissing and telling. Cross, on the other hand, is settling in with his new love interest, Angel. They’ve just become cozier, and they’re not wasting time by taking things slowly. Whether they’re on a cruise or not, we’re looking forward to seeing them enjoy one other’s company.

Tasks and rewards

The House has had a busy week, with Housemates taking on a variety of Tasks ranging from Buypower, GrandEx, Tecno Mobil, Piggyvest, and O3 Capital. These Tasks were both creatively hard and financially rewarding for the Housemates. The Housemates are laughing all the way to the bank, and if you’re curious how much money they’ve amassed thus far, here’s the rundown.

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