How I Lost Endorsement Deal After an Interview

How I Lost Endorsement Deal After an Interview

Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up and All Stars’ housemate Doyin David has candidly revealed how she lost a sponsorship deal with a prominent Nigerian brand due to an interview she gave. In a recent conversation with Lynda, Doyin explained her decision to return for the All-Stars season, attributing it to her dissatisfaction with her initial performance during the Level Up season.

Doyin BBNaija

In the interview, Doyin admitted that she had been disingenuous during her first stint on the show. She confessed that the portrayal of her as mature and a peacemaker was inaccurate, as she is actually more inclined to engage in conflicts.

Discussing her career as an influencer, Doyin shared a significant setback she faced. She recounted how a well-known brand terminated their partnership with her following an interview she had given. Reflecting on the incident, Doyin acknowledged that the brand’s decision was justified, implying that her actions had warranted such consequences.

She said, “My first run wasn’t my best run, to be honest. I have been on the show twice, and I came out of the show, and I hated it. I was fake. I came out with the narrative that Doyin is too mature. She is always trying to talk things out; that’s not really me oo. In real life, I fight.

“I am not a content creator.

“Influencers are people who try to sell a product to their audience. I think content creators can be influencers, but I don’t think influencers can be content creators.

“There is no bad or good brand. I had a brand that dropped me. They had signed me and paid me the money, but they called and asked for a refund, and it was because of an interview I did. And to be fair to them, I deserved to be dropped because why did I talk?”

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