I am Sorry; Can we Talk? Neo Drops Apology Note to Vee

Neo and Vee who had a fight earlier in the day have decided to settle their differences as Neo drops an apology note on Vee’s bed and got a reply from her.

The Big Brother Naija Lock down show has seen a great number of people buzzing on social media over the antics of the housemates.

A number of housemates have got fans talking for reasons mostly bordered on complicated relationships and some other housemates have gained the attention of fans for other reasons.

Neo vee

Fan-favourite Lockdown lovebirds, Vee and Neo were almost on the verge of a break up following a mild argument over food from Saturday night.

Sunday morning saw Vee still in her feelings and several attempts by Neo to resolve their issues proved futile as she turned down his attempts to talk.

Neo who has been getting the cold shoulder from Vee all morning following their altercation, wrote a note and put on her bed. It reads;

“I am really sorry. Can we talk?“. Vee then replied the note with an emoji saying “Yes”.

According to Neo’s account of their fight, he and Vee had a minor exchange over okro soup and he angrily told her off.

She later spoke to him about speaking to her rudely and threatened to call their relationship off if he did not turn a new leaf. Their squabble forced Neo to sleep outside their ‘matrimonial’ bed, a move Vee interpreted to mean he wasn’t ready to mediate.


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