I Don’t Talk about People, Someone Lured Me into It – Jackye

There was another drama from Day 6 of the Big Brother Naija Reunion show when the host Ebuka introduced the topic for the day as “Talking behind someone’s back”. He went further to ask the housemates that were present if they were surprised to be invited for today’s show but the housemates gave a mixed reaction.

The housemates that were present in Day 6 show are Mercy, Tacha, Enkay, Diane, Seyi, Omashola and Jackye.

Ebuka started off the show by asking the housemates if they were happy to be part of today’s show because of the topic which was “talking behind someone’s back:. Enkay responded by saying yes and stated that everyone talk at people’s back. Ebuka then asked Tacha if she talked behind someone’s back while in the show, but she said no but Enkay insisted that Tacha talked about other housemates.

Ebuka went further to ask Jackye if she talked about people during her stay in the Big Brother Naija house but Jackye claimed that she did not talking about people. She further stated that if she talked about anyone, then she was lured into it by another person.

Her response prompted Ebuka to play a video of Jackye and Khafi talking about other housemates. After seeing the video, Jackye couldn’t deny the fact that she actually talked about people, and had to say “if it makes everyone feel better, then she talked about people”.

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