I told Laycon To Stop Talking to Erica – Vee

It was another table shaking moment during the Sunday live Eviction show when Ebuka brought up a conversation Vee had with Laycon where she was seen telling Laycon to stop talking with Erica. Ebuka decided to inquire while Vee had to advice Laycon to take such decision.

Confided Vee responded that I was nothing personal with Erica. She stated that Laycon is one of her best friends in the house and would not want him to get hurt all the time. Though a lot of fans thought she was going to deny having such conversation just like Brighto, she accepted having such conversation with Laycon and claim she didn’t have any personal issues with Erica and it was for the good of Laycon.

Vee highlighted the fact that Erica is mostly seen kissing Kiddwaya in Laycon’s presence just to make him feel hurt even when she’s aware Laycon has strong feeling for her which she felt its not right and would not want her friend to keep going through that scenario which was the reason she advised him to stop talking with Erica.

Vee was among the bottom 4 housemates that got the least number of votes from viewers last week but was however saved by the housemates.

Earlier in the day, Erica got two strikes from Big Brother after breaking multiple house rules which places her on a very delicate position because if she is issued one more strike, she will be disqualified from the show.

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Afeez ope Ewe
Afeez ope Ewe
3 years ago

Laycon all the way

wathonian babe
wathonian babe
3 years ago

I didnt expect laycon to vote out wathoni because they talk and chat together almost everytime i see them