I Will Not Read the Task Brief Again – Pere

Tensions are rising, and Pere is walking on a lot of toes as a result.

Pere informed the Housemates that he did not want to read the weekly Friday Task brief again for those who had not responded to his request to gather in the lounge.

The Housemates reacted angrily, leading to greater aggravation and perplexity regarding the brief’s reading and interpretation. Pere left to confirm – with Biggie – some of the confusing instructions and returned with the warm satisfaction of, “I told you so,” and communicated his message to the Housemates that there would be two teams of male and female debaters.

Pere did not hesitate to inform those in attendance that he had no intention of repeating the instructions, despite the fact that there were fewer Housemates there than previously. However, when he saw his right-hand woman, Maria, was missing from the briefing, he couldn’t help but call for her first and then make an exception for her.

Despite the fact that other Housemates did not respond to Pere’s viewpoint, it is apparent that tensions will continue to rise because of his military history.

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Sarah Muwuya
Sarah Muwuya
2 years ago

I love Pere

2 years ago

Please tell him to calm down because he’s going next week