I would Have Dated Chomzy, But… – Groovy

I would Have Dated Chomzy, But… – Groovy

Groovy acknowledged to Chichi today in the Garden that if he hadn’t been with Phyna, he would have sought a relationship with Chomzy. He also expressed his frustration at Phyna’s frequent snubs, telling Chichi that it was something he would not allow outside the House.

Groovy claims that Phyna has not communicated with him since this afternoon.

Despite the fact that he is now dating Phyna, a few Housemates continue to question his affections for Chomzy. Chichi played that part today, interrogating Groovy about whether he would have asked Chomzy out if Phyna hadn’t been there. He revealed to Chichi, without hesitation, that while he had never denied having feelings for Chomzy, Phyna and himself were already developing a relationship by the time he finally got the opportunity to speak to her fully. As a result, he decided to honour it.

Groovy went further to explain that he never knew he would have a chance to have a proper conversation with Chomzy until the Level switch between himself and Deji happened. Groovy also reiterated how frustrated he is with Phyna’s attitude towards him, and said he most likely will not have time for such behaviour outside the House, because he will be a very busy man.

Groovy speaks about Chomzy

Groovy has been at the centre of a few fights amongst the ladies in the BBNaija House. There was tension between Beauty and Ilebaye supposedly because of him, while Beauty also questioned his intent towards Chomzy, while they were all still in the House. Is Groovy trying to say if he knew he was going to have a chance at meeting Chomzy, he would not have started anything with Phyna? We are not sure, but we know say gist go plenty for Reunion.😂

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likeleli mbele
likeleli mbele
4 months ago

according to me, Phyana will be better off without Groovy. she shouldn’t keep a man who has eyes somewhere.

4 months ago
Reply to  likeleli mbele

Omo she said she doesn’t mind being his second choice

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