If You Don’t Beg Me Before December, My Name is not Segun – Sheggz to Rachel

If You Don’t Beg Me Before December, My Name is not Segun – Sheggz to Rachel

Bella was served chicken instead of beef last night, and Sheggz and Bella got into a confrontation with Rachael, another BBNaija Housemate. Bella returned Rachael’s food, but Rachael shoved the dish, causing the rice to spill and reigniting their quarrel.

Following the altercation, the Edo girls, Phyna, ChiChi, and Rachael, sat down to talk about it all. Phyna referred to Sheggz as a “woman wrapper,” and she also said that Sheggz doesn’t find Bella attractive.

Remember that the females in charge of the kitchen and cooking are Rachel, Chichi, and Phyna, who rotate.

Meanwhile, Rachel was in charge of the kitchen. She cooked rice for the Housemates and caused a stir by giving Bella chicken instead of beef, which the latter did not like. Bella requested beef, and Sheggz, Bella’s lover, snapped in the blink of an eye.

Sheggz called Rachel stupid for how Bella’s supper was prepared. He assumed Rachel was already aware of Bella’s preferences and dislikes.

Sheggz and Rachel

Rachel didn’t hold back when she spoke with him, and their conversation gradually devolved into nasty statements about his generation and family.

Bella erupted in anger over Rachels remark and to defend her boyfriend.

The food spilled as she tried to return the food Rachel had given her, causing a commotion throughout the entire home.

  • Sheggz vowed to deal with Rachel if she failed to apologise to him.
  • Sheggz: Rachel if you don’t beg me…
  • Rachel: Taa get out
  • Sheggz: I swear on my mother’s life, Rachel if u don’t beg me before December my name is not Segun Olusemo”
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1 year ago

Beg you as per her dad?Shegun you are full of yoir self.Pls mellow down