Ilebaye Clash with Ceec, Venita and Mercy Eke Over Game Master Role

Ilebaye Clash with Ceec, Venita and Mercy Eke Over Game Master Role

In a recent development inside the BBNaija All Stars house, Ceec, Mercy Eke, and Venita expressed their dissatisfaction with Ilebaye being designated as the game master for the Oraimo task. The conflict emerged when the ladies discovered that Ilebaye possessed the coveted “game master” card after they had all drawn lots from the lucky dip box.

The Stirring of Trouble

The murmurs of discontent began when the housemates were presented with their Oraimo challenge task. The All Stars were divided into two teams, with one designated as the game master, with her responsibilities clearly outlined. Ceec, a finalist known for her candidness, was the first to voice her concerns about the situation. She promptly accused Biggie of orchestrating an unfair twist in the game, setting the stage for further discord within the house. Fellow finalist Mercy Eke and Venita also joined in expressing their dissatisfaction. Venita openly voiced her frustration, stating, “It’s the guys who will assist her.” She insisted that she would not contribute creatively to the task.

Biggie Steps In

Biggie, always prepared to address the concerns of the housemates, decided to mediate. He inquired about the source of the issue, and Ceec took the opportunity to clarify the situation. She questioned whether Ilebaye was initially intended to be the game master and how the decision regarding her role was made. When Biggie asked Ilebaye about the placement of the card, she confirmed that it had been found inside the brief box. However, this revelation did little to quell the rising tension within the house. After Biggie’s intervention, it was revealed that Ilebaye had initially made a joke about where she had found her game master card. Ceec was unimpressed, asserting that Ilebaye should not have trivialized the importance of her card.

Finalist Cross, in a conversation with Adekunle, Pere, and Soma, confirmed that upon the arrival of the brief, he had noticed the words “game-master Ilebaye” written on the top of her box, providing further validation for the concerns raised by the housemates.

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