Ilebaye Wins BBNaija 2023 Week 9 Head of House Game

Ilebaye Wins BBNaija 2023 Week 9 Head of House Game

The latest edition of the Big Brother Naija Head of House competition proved to be a true test of endurance. Contestants were faced with the formidable challenge of ascending a precarious board using only pegs and footholds for support. The catch? No shoes or socks were allowed, ensuring that this task pushed the limits of physical endurance.

In this grueling game, housemates had to make a critical decision at the very start – choosing their initial position wisely because there would be no adjustment allowed once the game commenced. This added an element of strategy to the already physically demanding task.

Stepping down from the board at any point meant immediate elimination from the game. The stakes were high, as the housemate who displayed the greatest endurance and lasted the longest on the board would emerge victorious.

The reward for this challenging feat was immense, as the winner not only earned the coveted title of Head of House but also secured a guaranteed spot in the grand finale scheduled for the upcoming Sunday.

Following a competitive HoH game, only Ilebaye and Angel endured over 2 hours 30 minutes mark. And finally angel gave up and stepped down from the board giving Ilebaye the HoH title.

Ilebeye’s victory has earned her a spot in the grand finale and an exclusive access to the Big Brother lounge. She picked Mercy Eke, Ceec, Angel and Venita as her Best Friends Forever (BFF).

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5 months ago

Baye you deserved it and wish you the best in the final