I’ll Hold You Tight – Groovy Defines His Relationship

I’ll Hold You Tight – Groovy Defines His Relationship

Earlier in the day, Groovy had expressed his interest to know Phyna better when they leave the House. Phyna does not feel there is more to know because “what he sees is what he gets.” However, Groovy stated a prerequisite for their ship to function; she needed to learn to listen to him. Currently, Groovy is finding it hard to calm Phyna down and doesn’t want to be physical with her.

He felt that if he chose to be physical, she might retaliate and get Disqualified. Groovy spoke from experience, considering that Beauty’s Disqualification had him at the centre. Outside the House, Groovy will be willing to drag her out of a situation when needed. “You should see yourself when you are frustrated,” Groovy said.

Phyna sought clarity on their ship and asked Groovy to define it. She asked him if their ship was just for the House or beyond that. He chose not to answer the question and earned himself the title of “player”, which he said he had never been called before. He said the pressure of the game is getting to her thus she is asking for clarity. When she called him her husband, Groovy responded with “abeg o”.

After Phyna sought clarity on their relationship status, Groovy finally gave her an answer during a late night conversation. According to him, they are serious, and he plans to “hold her tight. Phyna was in disbelief which she made known to him. The pair later discussed what they had learned from each other since the beginning of their ship.

As they got cozy under the covers, Phyna further expressed her doubt. She stated that Groovy did not have feelings for her; what they shared was just physical attraction.

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