I’m Avoiding You Because I Don’t Want to Lead You On – Saskay to Yousef

Saskay dispels Yousef’s romantic fantasies about her and exposes her ambitions to psychologically manipulate the guys who adore her.

This season, ships have been a huge topic, and we think we speak for a lot of people when we say we’re weary of the Housemates keeping us guessing.

Anyway, it appeared as though we might ultimately have one solid ship, but that hope appears to have been crushed as well, or has it? Yousef, the main character in this narrative, had already expressed his feelings for Saskay to Sammie. He finally had the guts to talk with her today, and the discussion did not go as planned for our Homeboy.

Yousef made it apparent to Saskay that he felt jealous as a buddy that Saskay shared bed with Jaypaul. Saskay was obviously irritated by this comment, given that she doesn’t even have her own bed.

After that chat, Saskay met with Yousef and told him straight out that she had been avoiding him because she didn’t want to keep leading him on, and that she had no option but to share a bed with Jaypaul.

Yousef replied that was OK and that he didn’t want to be in a relationship, but he was concerned about their friendship.

Later in the day, Saskay was spotted telling Sammie that she was tired of her admirers telling others about their feelings for her rather than coming to her and telling her personally. She was referring to Yousef, who had informed Sammie that he liked Saskay, and Jaypaul, who had also told other Housemates that he liked Saskay. She went on to add that she hoped to win the Head of House game next week so she could appoint Cross as her deputy and completely confound the other males.

Speaking of Cross, the two were spotted together today in a very interesting posture having a chat. Don’t get us wrong, everything might be harmless, but Cross has revealed that he has a thing for Saskay in one of his Diary Sessions.

This week is going to be a rollercoaster for her because she’s also on the verge of being evicted. Is she going to make it? We’d want to observe how Saskay and her three suitors interact in the home.

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