Jackie B Confronts Michael about his Flirtatious Attitude

Jackie B had a critical issue with Michael to resolve just before the Jacuzzi Party. She was apparently not thrilled with what Michael entertains from other females, especially if he continues to treat her as if they were a couple in the House. Jackie had already said this to Michael in a previous conversation, but it appears that he needs to hear it again to ensure that he gets her point of view.

Jackie B and Michael BBNaija

They got into it shortly after the Friday Night Task, with Jackie B expressing her disgust with Michael’s tendency of entertaining dubious proposals from the other sex. She was also uneasy with how it made her appear. Michael spending time in my bed with her or just being around her in general, according to her, created the impression that they were a couple, and every time he entertained shots from other girls, he indirectly made her look stupid, which she didn’t want.

β€œIf you want to play, go ahead, but I don’t want to seem stupid,” she remarked, encouraging him to be free with women without sullying her reputation. Michael was adamant that she wasn’t reaching a fair conclusion. “What are we?” he kept asking her, a question to which she never truly responded. It was a back-and-forth that included Angel as a bystander at one point. When Jackie B’s gaze meets Michael’s, she appears to blush.

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