JMK BBNaija 2021 Diary Session (Week 5)

Following the nomination for Week 5, the Housemates were invited into the diary room to discuss how they feel about the nomination and other things. This is what JMK said in her Diary Session.

I’m emotionally exhausted and very soon my mental health will be in the mud but I’m alright. I’m stressed bcos everything is happening at once. Having to go through that on Sunday, i felt she’ll pick me and she called me.

Maria told me she was not gonna lie that she didn’t get along with Yousef and I’m the least she connected with. I said that’s normal but at the same time, I felt that’s what every other person thinks.

I didn’t want to force connection or vibes, if it’ll happen it’ll happen. Going through all that and still got strike, it’s a lot. I’m sorry I damaged your property biggie, it was a stupid mistake, I’m sorry. The strike shock me.

If I see anyone speaking on low tone, I will reach out to them and put them in check. Just being your brother’s keeper.

I nominated Pere and Maria. Pere bcos it felt he is on top of everyone, his action comes off like we’re not on his level. he’s older but we’re all in biggie’s house, he needs to bring down himself and not sound all arrogant. Here, we feel like we’re equals, nobody should be push over.

I nominated Marie bcos she said we didn’t connect and that’s true. We talk but it’s not deep, not like people I’ve established relationship with and she thinks like that, so it’s mutual.

If you come here and catch feelings you’re on your own. Everyone here is catching cruise. Biggie, Boma used Queen, i felt bad for her. I just got close to Queen and i feel for her, he used her to catch cruise which is sad but it has happened and I hope she has learnt a lesson

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