Ka3na Admits to Sleeping with Praise During Her 2-Weeks Stay in the Show

Praise, a former BBNaija housemate, has responded to Ka3na’s accusations that he had s*x with him in the house for five seconds.

According to Ka3na, she urged Praise to sleep with her in her bed because he informed some of the roommates that he would never have anything to do with her because he was only in the house for the game. She also stated that it was only for a short time and that she had left him in her bed to relax in the sitting room.

In response to these claims, Praise revealed that Ka3na lied when she said she asked him to come to her bed to sleep with her, but it was rather the other way round, as he emphasized that he slept with her from the back.

Praise also revealed that she lied about the β€œaggressive cuddling” because, before the reunion show, Ka3na called to beg him not to disclose anything that happened between them.

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