Laycon Snub Erica During the Saturday Night Party (Video)

It was a shock to everyone who watched the week 4 Saturday night party when Laycon snubbed Erica when she noticed he was alone and tried to have a dance with him. During the party, Laycon went to get a glass of drink but then Erica noticed he was alone and thought it wise to have a dance with him but Laycon wasnโ€™t in for it and just walked away.

Both housemates have not been in got terms since Erica whoโ€™s Head of House reign ends today picked Kiddwaya as her Deputy Head of House. Within the week, Laycon told Erica that he wanted some space and since that incidence, both housemates have not had a conversation.

A similar incidence also occurred during last week Saturday Night party when Erica tried to kiss Laycon but he declined when he noticed Erica was drunk and wouldnโ€™t want to take advantage of her.

Some fans have applauded Layconโ€™s reaction and are excited that he sticked to his words. Though some claim he didnโ€™t do it intentionally and he may not have seen Erica coming towards him since he was backing her.

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3 years ago

Ah haba!!! This writer is biased. She went to get a drink, she did not approach him for a dance. Get your facts right, the video is clear. You’re fronting for Laycon obviously