Libo and Mphowabadimo Shares a Lovely Moment

Libo and Mphowabadimo’s cosmic energies create ripples in the Garden with an impromptu reading.

Mphowabadimo makes contact with Libo’s ancestors and performs an impromptu reading.

While Biggie’s Housemates are on vacation, Aphantsi are at work. We’d heard the Housemates talk in general terms about energy and vibes, but our first goosebump-inducing event occurred in an unusual way.

Libo and Mphowabadimo BBMzansi 2022 2

In the Garden, as Libo and Mphowabadimo got to know one other, she gave him a wonderful and impromptu reading. This goosebump-inducing experience linked Libo to his ancestors. While she didn’t offer him much detail since she avoided the cameras, she did mention that he was also a healer, making him deeply tied to his ancestors.

The essence of his message was to take care of everyone and everything in his life, and everything else will fall into place. Mphowabadimo couldn’t help but think of their meeting in the House as fortuitous – how amazing that the cosmos brought them together!

We believe this wonderful moment is worth the energetic feeling we’ve been hearing about in the House, and we’re curious whether we’ll see more genuine moments like this when the underground gang reaches out to other Housemates.

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