Liema And Jareed Have Split Up as Els Make Out with Jareed

Liema And Jareed Have Split Up as Els Make Out with Jareed

Liema and Jareed have once again ended their relationship, prompted by Els and Jareed’s intimate encounter in the party room amid the festivities with other housemates. The housemates received Hollywood horror-inspired clothing, personalized to match their personalities. Mpumi received a Maleficent costume replica, while Lerato Modise got a wedding gown, reflecting her fondness for such attire and possibly alluding to Chucky’s bride.

Before the party, McJunior complained about Biggie allowing punished housemates to attend, while Yolanda was thrilled. However, their emotions seemed to switch during the party, with McJunior unexpectedly enjoying the night’s festivities and Yolanda appearing overwhelmed, shedding tears while others danced. The reason for her emotional state remains uncertainβ€”could it be missing friends or the impending evictions affecting her?

Liema had a challenging night dealing with Jareed’s involvement with Els, who were oblivious to everyone around them as they kissed and hugged on the dance floor. Unable to bear the scene, Liema left the party room and later confronted Jareed in the dressing area after the party.

During the dressing room confrontation, Liema accused Jareed of using Els as a pawn. Tempers flared, and Liema insulted Jareed before retreating to her bed. Jareed followed, labeling her a liar. This isn’t the first time the couple has faced relationship drama, but this instance appears particularly serious. The fate of the Jariema ship remains uncertain, and only time will reveal if it can weather this storm.

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