Liema Evicted from the BBMzansi 2024 Show

Liema Evicted from the BBMzansi 2024 Show

The season’s twist has arrived, and Liema is now R250,000 richer, but at the cost of leaving the game. Biggie shook things up by putting the entire house up for nomination, except for the Head of House, requiring them to participate in the Fate Room challenge. In the first round, Liema drew a red marble among blue ones, earning her a spot in the Fate Room. There, she faced the crucial decision: take the R250,000 cheque and leave the game or stay and compete for the R2 million grand prize. With just 60 seconds to decide, Liema opted for the cheque, walking away with a quarter of a million rand.

Before this twist unfolded, the housemates engaged in the penultimate Head of House game of the season, knowing it would alter the game’s dynamics significantly. PapaGhost emerged as the first finalist of the season, securing his spot in the finale with a consecutive win in the HoH game, a feat previously achieved only by his rival, McJunior.

Selecting Zee as his roommate in the HoH room, PapaGhost made a symbolic gesture towards the week’s antics. Despite his victory, he sensed a lack of enthusiasm from the rest of the house, but Zee reassured him to focus solely on being a finalist and winning the upcoming wager after last weeks loss.

With immunity no longer on the table, the remaining housemates confronted the reality of nominations, each presenting their case and choosing who they wished to see evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi house.

Here’s how they nominated:

HousemateNomination 1Nomination 2
MakhekheWilly Mpumi


As mentioned, the whole house is nominated for possible eviction, and at least one of them will have to kiss the finale goodbye at Sunday’s eviction. Your votes have never been more critical.


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