Liema Issued a Strike for Being Physically Violent

Liema Issued a Strike for Being Physically Violent

After being found guilty of violating Big Brother’s rules, Liema received a strike from Big Brother. The housemates gathered in the lounge as summoned by Big Brother, where Liema was informed about the specific rules she had broken.

During his address to the housemates, Big Brother emphasized the importance of Article 16 in the rule book, which explicitly states that “any housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the house immediately.” The definition of violence, as outlined in the rule, includes both self-inflicted harm and aggression towards fellow housemates. Additionally, the rule book lists other offenses such as “provocation, goading, bullying, and victimization, with a warning that these actions may result in punitive measures at Big Brother’s discretion.

Liema faced charges of threatening violence and using offensive language, leading to the issuance of a strike.

It’s crucial to note that accumulating two more strikes would result in her disqualification from the game, in accordance with the prescribed consequences for repeated violations within the Big Brother house.

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