Liquorose and Angel in Heated Fight on Day 4 of BBNaija

A charades game devolves into pandemonium. After four days, the Housemates’ relationships are beginning to reveal cracks. When the Housemates came together to play a game of charades to unwind last night, things got heated. Over charades, Liquorose and Angel had a huge brawl.

Angel had to be physically held by Arin at some point during the exchange when she tried to attack Liquorose. Liquorose was not one to take things lying down, and she gave as much as she received.

Later, Maria and Liquorose went to Angels room to try to put an end to the beef, but it got chaotic as well. Maria pleaded with the two not to make the game personal when another dispute arose.

Angel wasn’t the only one who had a beef with one of the players in the charades game. Arin voiced her displeasure with Maria for accusing her squad of cheating. She described Maria as an instigator.

Liquorose was then escorted by Arin and the Head of House Peace to Angel’s room, where the ladies worked out their problems. The two hugged it out and apologized to one other after a quick conversation.

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Idorenyin Gabriel
Idorenyin Gabriel
2 years ago


Trust O Joshua
Trust O Joshua
2 years ago

Very wise decision, Liquorose please always be careful , we love you…don’t bring Cece attitude to us please…please… we want to celebrate you….bring victory to us ur fans