Liquorose’s Shares Her High School Struggles

We all enjoy hearing about a struggle won, and Liquorose shares her road to self-actualization with us.

Many of us can relate to the problems of adolescence, and the β€˜Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates are no strangers to the challenges of adolescence, particularly in high school. Liquorose opened out her heart to Boma and Jackie B during her one-on-one Diary Session with them about her issues with self-esteem, bullying, and relationships as she grew up.

While discussing with them, Liquorose disclosed that as a teenager, she thought she was ugly. Her difficulty with valuing her body began when she was a child, when she claims she was tiny. To address this, her hair, which was rather long at the time, was advised to be trimmed because it was thought to be the reason of her weight loss. She goes on to state that when her hair was cut, she gained a few pounds, which caused her more troubles in high school when she was ridiculed for her weight and dubbed fat.

Liquorose BBNaija

She became an angry, alert, and violent child as a result of the bullying she received from her classmates. She maintained this mentality throughout her adolescence and young adulthood. She went on to claim that because of everything she went through in high school, she made it a point to always be furious, and that if she had gotten into university right out of high school, she would have become a cultist.

Liquorose went on to say that her struggle with self-esteem drove her to make the unwise decision of dating three members of the same family one after the other. She described how one of the lads would pretend to be a girl and phone her mother, imitating a female voice and pretending to be a girl so he and Liquorose could converse.

She also claimed that seeing her family struggle did not improve issues, but it did motivate her to work for a living. As a result, when she was accepted into the university, she made it a point to work hard. Dance came naturally to her, and she utilized it to distract herself from her self-esteem difficulties and other concerns. It served as a coping tool for her, and she hasn’t looked back since.

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