Make Una Beef, Make Everything Hot – JMK calls for Vawulence

JMK, who is known for speaking her opinion, was concerned about the Housemates’ ability to resolve conflicts and altercations. It was just something about their behaviour towards others that she didn’t like. She was also concerned about something else.

Turn up the heat

JMK isn’t a fan of the kumbaya way of life and actively opposes it. She bemoaned the Housemates’ placid demeanour and their proclivity for reaching agreeable agreements. She was irritated by how quickly they put their differences aside and went on. β€œMake una beef, make everything hot,” she murmured, motioning for the flames to be increased. While she wants the heat turned up in the House, she is concerned that in a lineup she is in, the heat may be a little too high. A lineup that will determine her House fate.


Tough lineup

JMK also raised concerns about the Housemates she may face eviction with. She reminisced on the Housemates while speaking with Whitemoney, acknowledging that they were great contenders. Sammie, who was also on the chopping block, had already communicated her concerns to her. Each had a distinct power and energy that distinguished them. Despite the fact that they had rattled her, she insisted on bringing her A-game.

JMK and Whitemoney BBNaija

Dr Love.

Aside from her anxieties, JMK is a relationship specialist, having instructed Sammie on how to handle women and respond to their body language. Sammie, who is still smitten with Angel but is having trouble communicating, has gained some understanding into why he was doing it wrong. Yousef could read JMK’s emotions and respond in a way that made her feel better, according to JMK. She also revealed that there was a guy in the House that she was drawn to but didn’t have an emotional connection with. She stated that she could not be vulnerable in the presence of this individual. Hopefully, Sammie picks up a few tips from her.

Sammie BBNaija

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Ganiyat olanrew
Ganiyat olanrew
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