Maria Breaks Down following Pere’s Friendship with Queen

Maria broke down in tears during the first part of the Bet9ja Task, shocking the BBNaija Housemates.
She dashed to her bed, where Liquorose was seen comforting her and attempting to figure out what was going on. She replied, still in tears, that nothing was wrong and that all she wanted was to be alone.

The Housemates speculated about the origin of Maria’s distress as a result of this occurrence. Pere was continuing his issue with Maria in a talk with Whitemoney and Sammie, claiming that she hadn’t spoken to him in two days. He also said that she claimed he was manipulating and that she had no interest in their friendship.

Maria BBNaija

Maria was upset that Pere had been telling the newer Housemates about his emotions for her instead than simply saying they were just friends, according to the gist of the talk. Things took a turn when her emotions appear to be tied to Queen’s recent relationship with Pere.

The housemates separated off, and Pere and Whitemoney talked about her crying and what transpired between her and Pere the night before. Nini then came on board, and it was decided that they couldn’t trust her tears after her Oscar-worthy performance in the fake eviction challenge. They even felt her emotions had been provoked by the presentation.

Yousef later inquired of Emmanuel as to why Maria was crying. He was concerned and suggested that she might be thinking about tomorrow. He felt compelled to find out, particularly in light of what had happened to Kayvee, to whom they should have paid more attention. After the Saturday Night Party, Emmanuel decided to investigate further.

Pere approached Maria before the party and apologized to her, which we overheard. She didn’t play along with the melodrama, saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll go on my knees.” Pere then proceeded to ask her if he might join her for a dance at the party. Maria, on the other hand, was not having it.

Pere and Maria

The subject of Queen and Pere’s relationship was then brought up by Maria. It appears to be a major role in Maria’s current breakdown. Pere replied that he didn’t want to disgrace her or push her away — he was referring to Queen. He gathered additional words in an attempt to reclaim Maria’s attention. “You may have the wrong impression of me, but I swear I will always respect you. I’ll keep my word. Even if it’s the last dance, I’ll dance with you tonight,” he assured.

Maria walked away from Pere to prepare for the party at the end of the chat. We caught a peek of the two dancing together after a night of giving each other cold shoulders at the party. Maria eventually agreed to let Johnnie Walker show her how to relax and listen to Pere.
We’re still looking for the cause of her tears, but right now all fingers are pointing at Pere.

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