Meet PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) Ultimate Love Couples Season 1 2020

Here is a brief update on Ultimate Love couples PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) in the love pad. This extroverted Couple isn’t shy to voice out their feelings which makes them the perfect choice for each other.  The chemistry between them was instant and the background they both have in entertainment as MCs leaves us thrilled to see how they’ll bond over the weeks and bring their worlds together.

David Wilson opened up about nearly losing everything after the mistake he made. Aunty quizzed him about the motive behind his actions, and he confessed that he was too afraid to be honest with Rosie about what he was feeling in the moment.


He takes ownership for his actions now and he’s excited to be with Presh. Why? He’s not too fussed about tradition having grown up around many women and actually appreciates it when a woman is strong, “no-nonsense”, confident and assertive so she can take the lead sometimes. On the matter of Rosie, he concluded that he loves her still, but he’s happy with them being friends and is not confused about his intentions.

The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships. All he requires is some quality time and a personal touch. Though he won’t say he believes in love at first sight, David Wilson is all about being open minded and recognising that the world is changing. With this knowledge, he allows himself get guidance from the universe.

Many people have suggested that Precious’ beautiful eyes could be a window to people’s soul, and it seems she agrees, her eyes are her favourite physical feature. Precious fondly known as ‘Presh Talker’ is an MC, TV host and content creator.

When choosing a suitable partner, Precious takes into consideration the advice her parents have given her, according to her folks; a man needs to be the full package. It’s important that a man is not the same age as a woman or younger, he should work and come from a good place.

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