Mercy and Omashola Fight in a Dramatic BBNaija Reunion Day 7 Show

There was a lot of drama and face off in the Big Brother Naija Day 7 reunion show between Mercy Eke the winner of the season 4 show and Omashola Oboroh who emerged as 3rd runner-up.

The drama started when the host Ebuka told Omashola that there are clips of him gossiping and went further to show a video clip of him and fellow housemate Seyi talking about other housemates in the garden. Omashola in defense slut-shamed Mercy by saying she flaunted her body and tried to get 2face and Don Jazzyโ€™s attention when they visited them in the Big Brother Naija house. He also mentioned that Mercy told Don Jazzy sheโ€™s a video vixen when he asked her what she wants him to do for her.

Mercy and Omashola Fight BBnaija Reunion

Another video of Mercy was played which showed her complaining bitterly that Omashola came into the bathroom when Ike and herself was bathing and threw condoms at them. Mercy got furious at the part where Omashola said all the condoms in the house are exhausted because of Ike and her. Omashola responded that he took it as a joke and there were no hard feelings between them.

Omashola had to explained that when he entered the bathroom, he saw Mercy and Ike naked and had to throw a pack of condom at them jokingly. Mercy got furious and attacked Omashola but other housemates had to interfere to calm the situation. Mercy then accused him of slut-shaming her at the diary session calling her all sorts of names like prostitutes and when he leaves the diary session he will pretend as if nothing happened. Mercy also said she was expecting Omashola to apologise to her when they left the Big Brother House but he never did.

Avala had to come in to calm the situation when she noticed the situation was getting tensed and out of control after Mercy confronted Omashola. Avala told Omashola that it was wrong to call Mercy a prostitute and all he should have done was to accept the blame and apologise.

In response, Omashola blamed his actions on the fact that he was angry and upset and he said all that to get back at Mercy because he felt it was the only way to reach out to her. Then, he went to mercy and apologized. He also told the Mercyโ€™s fans to stop sending him threat messages since he has apologized.

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