Missed Diary Session; Nini and Saga Apologise to Biggie

Both Housemates have expressed regret for their problematic actions.

Both Housemates have been found wanting, particularly in terms of following Biggie’s rules. Saga’s Diary Room doors were closed for being late to the Diary Room, and Nini was not summoned up, and both Housemates were scolded for taking their time to leave the Head of House Bedroom.

Nini was the most distraught, as the memory of her egregious behaviour weighed heavily on her mind. She felt awful about missing her Diary sessions as a result of her friendship with Saga. She claimed she couldn’t get it out of her head or speak about it.

Another worry she had was that people would think her influence on Saga was badly affecting him. Even while she acknowledged that Saga was an adult and could take responsibility for his conduct, she felt awful. Saga, for one, expressed regret and apologized to Biggie. It had never been his desire to disobey Biggie’s orders.

โ€œApologies are better with changed behaviours,โ€ Biggie remarked in his response. Hopefully, both Housemates will be more responsible in the future. Biggie did say he would address the issue with them after the Head of House games in his meeting with them. Let’s hope the penalty isn’t too harsh.

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