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Modella Wins 2022 Big Brother Naija Showcase Task

Modella, a new Level 2 Housemate, was named the winner of the Showmax task that Housemates received earlier today. They had three hours to develop an original series. Modella was on Daniella’s team, and they created the horror film Alakala. She demonstrated acting abilities, which she praised God for after winning.

In today’s performances, we saw a creative display of comedy, drama, reality TV and horror.

Amaka sparks a post-performance fight

As the Housemates returned to the House to prepare for their Pool Party, Amaka made a remark that irritated Kess. She stated that the ones who were chosen as winners obtained those honours because they are shy. Biggie, she claims, wants them to come out of their shells a little more. She highlighted Phyna as an example of someone she believes should have won. Phyna, on the other hand, has such a large personality that Biggie felt it was unnecessary to pick her as the winner.

Amongst the list of good actors was Adekunle, Groovy, Diana, Hermes, Bella and Daniella. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

This list of winners gave Amaka that impression, but Kess had something to say about it. He asked if she is insinuating that Modella does not deserve her accolade. According to her, Modella received the win based on being in her shell and not her talents, which he found problematic.

Things escalated as more people became part of the conversation, including Modella. She added that she disagrees with what Amaka said. Amaka took offence, failing to understand why people involved themselves in a conversation that had nothing to do with them. She was directing her comment to Daniella and would have liked the conversation to have been between the two of them.

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