Names of 24 Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) 2023 Housemates / Contestants (Season 1) – Pictures, Profile, Age, Country, Occupation

Names of 24 Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) 2023 Housemates / Contestants (Season 1) – Pictures, Profile, Age, Country, Occupation

Meet the 4 New BBTitans Housemates 2023

Big Brother has introduced for new housemates into the Big Brother Titans house adding to the existing 20 housemates.  While at the first pool party of the season, the housemates met the newer housemates, and they will be sharing the space with till evictions start.

While the housemates were shocked with the addition of four new housemates to the house, viewers were not as not surprised with the addition because Big Brother is full of twists and turns and making the game more entertaining. Do you think the new housemates will bring the vibes to the house? Let’s keep watching.

Profile of the 4 New Housemates

Blue Aiva

Blue_Aiva BBTitans

22 years Blue Aiva was born in the Limpopo province, now in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a professional dancer, DJ. Blue Avia’s bubbly nature lends itself well to her wild side. She can show her emotions easily.

Miracle Op

Miracle_OP BBTitans

24 years old Miracle is originally from Anambra State in Nigeria, now in Lagos. He works at his family’s pharmaceutical company. This witty, chatty risk-taker is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. The athletic Miracle Op is also impulsive and loves having a good time.


Sandra BBTitans

She’s from Lagos, Nigeria. 27 years old Sandra is entrepreneur, model, host, and former beauty queen. Sandra’s confidence shows how comfortable she is in her skin. Her chameleon tendencies may or may not work to her advantage while she is on the show.

Theo Traw

Theo_Traw BBTitans

He’s from the Vaal in South Africa. With his bright smile and creative energy, Theo Traw is looking to shine in the house. He says he is single and ready for all kinds of ships. He’s a musician and hope to use the show to promote his career.

Meet the first 20 BBTitans Housemates

The Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) reality TV show is the first of its kind featuring housemates from two countries; South Africa and Nigeria. The season 1 show featured housemates who will be living in an enclosed house away from the contact with the world for a duration of 90 days. In the course of their stay in the Big Brother house, viewers will have the privilege of deciding who stays and who is evicted from the Big Brother house. At the end of the show a winner will be crowned through popularity votes by viewers.

Boohle and Deep London take to the stage to open Big Brother Titans, the new season that sees South African and Nigerian housemates under one roof. They’re followed by the season’s presenters, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka. Here is a recap from the Opening day.

The following are the profile/Biography of housemates for the Big Brother Titans season 1 reality show. Meet the Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) season 1 housemates including their corresponding age, occupation, country and hometown.


BBTitans 2023 Housemates


1.KhosiF25South AfricanJournalist
2.Yemi CregxM30Ekiti, NigeriaEntrepreneur
3.Siya Juicy JayM27Tata, South AfricaRugby Player
4.OliviaF23Lagos, NigeriaInfluencer
5.NelisaF25Durban, South AfricaEntrepreneur
6.BlaqboiF26Jos, NigerianContent Creator
7.MmeliM27Hillbrow, South AfricaModel/Content Creator
8.NanaF22Kaduna, NigeriaBusiness
9.IpelengF25North West, South AfricaLaw Student
10.MarvinM29Portharcourt, NigeriaChemical Engineer
11.ThabangM21Soweto, South AfricaModeling
12.JaypeeF25Lagos, NigeriaNurse
13.YayaF31Cape Town, South AfricaEntrepreneur
14.EbubuM28Anambra, NigeriaActor/Model
15.LukayM31Free State, South AfricaSales Rep
16.Jenni OF25Imo, NigeriaHealth and Safety Specialist
17.TsatsiiF24Pretoria, South AfricaBiomedical Engineering Student
18.Kanaga JnrM23Abia, NigeriaEntrepreneur
19.JustinM21East London, South AfricaPhotographer/ Content Creator
20.YvonneF27Akwa Ibom, NigeriaModel, Skin Care Enthusiast


Blaqboi BBTitans

Blaqboi (26yrs) is originally from Plateau State in Nigeria, now lives in Jos. He’s a content creator, aspiring filmmaker Cool, calm, and level-headed, Blaqboi is a great storyteller, so it comes as no surprise that hes an aspiring filmmaker. He’s also charming, funny, and confident with plenty of street smarts.

Meet Blaqboi


Ebubu BBTitans

Ebubu (28 years) is originally from Anambra State in Nigeria, now in Lagos. He’s Actor, model with his dynamic personality and street smarts, Ebubu is open-minded and interested in the world around and beyond him. Humour, resilience, calm, and determination also mark his personality.

Meet Ebubu BBTitans


Ipeleng BBTitans

Ipeleng (24 years) is from the North West, but now lives in the Gauteng province, South Africa. She is a law Student. Ipeleng has both a great sense of humour but also a shy side. She is close to her parents and has the utmost respect for them.

Meet Epeleng BBTitans


Jaypee BBTitans

Jaypee (26 years) is from Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. She is a nurse, model Jaypee is a liberal lover of love and loves to take risks in this regard. To this end, a flirty confidence and an open mind serve her well.

Meet Jaypee BBTitans

Jenni O

Jenni O BBTitans

Jenni O (24 years) was born in Imo State, Nigeria, but resides now in the USA. She is a health and safety specialist Spontaneous and spicy, Jenni O loves to talk. She’s a colourful daredevil with opinions and no time for nonsense.

Meet Jenni O BBTitans

Juicy Jay

Juicy jay BBTitans

Juicy Jay (24 years) is from Eastern Cape in South Africa. He is a semi-pro rugby player Charismatic and energetic, Juicy Jay loves to mingle and party. This proudly Xhosa man is highly competitive and loves living on the edge.

Meet Juicy Jay BBTitans


Justin BBTitans

Justin (21 years) is from East London, South Africa. He is a photographer Easy-going Justin is generally fun and engaging. Happy-go-lucky, he loves to laugh, but hes also that responsible friend.

Meet Justin BBTitans

Kanaga Jnr

Kanaga Jnr BBTitans

Kanaga Jnr (23 years) is from Abia State in Nigeria, but resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a model, aspiring actor The athletic Kanaga Jnr is charming yet candid, expressive yet calm. He has a boyish charm, but is mature for his age, and is a sensitive young man who loves older woman.

Meet Kanaga Jnr BBTitans


Khosi BBTitans

Khosi (25 years) is from KwaZulu-Natal, she lives in Johannesburg South Africa. She is a journalist Khosi’s personality suits her journalism profession: she is talkative and open-minded. While adventurous, she is also self-aware.

Meet Khosi BBTitans


Lukay BBTitans

Lukay (31 years) is from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He works as a sales executive. Self-aware and brutally honest, Lukay is also highly empathetic and a traditionalist: he moved to KwaZulu-Natal to re-establish a relationship with his parents. His lovely smile is a marker of his vibrancy.

Meet Lukay BBTitans


Marvin BBTitans

Marvin is originally from Port Harcourt in Nigeria, now in Texas, USA. He is a chemical engineer/model. He is a charismatic guy who comes from humble beginnings. The well-travelled adventurer is protective of those he loves. He says he is a cute boy with brains and a sense of humour to match

Meet Marvin BBTitans


Mmeli BBTitans

Mmeli (24 years) is from Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South. Africa. He is a content creator, model Bred in the ‘Brow, Mmeli is fearless and street smart with a naughty streak. He has no qualms about what others think about him. He likes partying and is devoted to his bachelor lifestyle

Meet Mmeli BBTitans


Nana BBTitans

Nana (22 years) is from Kaduna State, Nigeria. She is an entrepreneur While soft-spoken, Nana doesn’t conform to social norms. She comes off as timid but it may be a case of still waters run deep

Meet Nana BBTitans


Nelisa BBTitans

Nelisa (25 years) is originally from the Eastern Cape, now in Johannesburg, South Africa. TBC Nelisa is dynamite in a small package. She is lively and spunky. She also tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Meet Nelisa BBTitans


Olivia BBTitans

Olivia (22 years) is originally from Imo State, Nigeria. Aspiring actor Olivia is glam girl with a little bit of a wild side. The bold and daring aspirational actor is a big dreamer

Meet Olivia BBTitans


Thabang BBTitans

Thabang (21 years) is originally from Soweto, now in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sports data analyst Big-voiced Thabang is a go-getter who knows his game. Charming and level-headed, he’s also in touch with his emotions, and his drive and focus doesn’t diminish his love for fun

Meet Thabang BBTitans


Tsatsii BBTitans

Tsatsii (24 years) is from Pretoria, South Africa. She is an engineering, biotechnology, microbiology student. Tsatsii is cerebral and grounded yet equally curious about life. Her brains match her beauty

Meet Tsatsii BBTitans


Yaya BBTitans

Yaya (30 years) originally from the Eastern Cape, now in Johannesburg, South Africa. Plus size model Yaya is talkative and has a big, bold personality. She is quietly confident and matured and is not afraid to be vulnerable.

Meet Yaya BBTitans

Yemi Cregx

Yemi Cregx BBTitans

Yemi Cregx (30 years) is originally from Ekiti State in Nigeria, now in Lagos. Model, actor Tall, dark, and handsome Yemi Cregx is confident and outgoing. While he is a highly competitive individual, he’s also known for wearing his heart on his sleeve

Meet Yemi Cregx BBTitans


Yvonne BBTitans

Yvonne (28 years) is originally from Akwa Ibom State, now in Lagos, Nigeria. Model, content creator Yvonne was made for the soft life and is used to getting what she wants. However, this pastor’s kid is also resilient and bold.

Meet Yvonne BBTitans

Big Brother Titans starts on Sunday 15 January, 2023 from 19:00 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase, Mzansi Magic, Africa Magic Urban, and Africa Magic Family channels. It will also air on the 24-hour channels 198, 161 on DStv and 29 on GOtv. Fans across Africa will also be able to stream via African online streaming service, Showmax.

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Kolleh man
Kolleh man's
8 months ago

I wish I could be a member in the big brother house some day

Major kaluba
Major kaluba
1 year ago

The just end one was awesome

Nasiru Saheed ola
Nasiru Saheed ola
1 year ago

I love KJ, Yvonne and Ebubu the guys are doing well, best of luck guys

1 year ago

I love tsatsi and ipeleng 🤭🥰

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1 year ago
Reply to  Phodiso

Hff hi and see

Johanna Magongo
Johanna Magongo
1 year ago


1 year ago

Blue is my fave

1 year ago

I’m just watching to see

Favourable Joy
Favourable Joy
1 year ago

Nice one

1 year ago

The big question is that who is going today

1 year ago

What is going on tonight with Marvin why Creating sudden feelings for our Jaypee?

Prince challi
Prince challi
1 year ago

Thabang I love your reactions

Ganiyat Omowunmi
Ganiyat Omowunmi
1 year ago

My love for tsatsii good night my love

Oge Time
Oge Time
1 year ago

It’s supposed to be for both the rich and the poor. Please I need the money for business. 2003677531 zenith bank

Chukwuebuka ThankGod
Chukwuebuka ThankGod
1 year ago

I still believe I will one day be a part to BBNaija housemates

okoye Comfort
okoye Comfort
1 year ago

U guys are just spoiling money on top of people that have already have it, pls I need money to open a business 204073384 UBA

Collins David
Collins David
1 year ago
Reply to  okoye Comfort

These people are rich already, give us the opportunity bb

1 year ago
Reply to  okoye Comfort

As in ehh
I thought I was the only one saying this