Neo Explains Why He Had a Fight with Vee His Lover

Late in Saturday night Neo and his girlfriend Vee got into a heated argument that resulted into a little fight as both housemates slept in separated beds.

The argument started due to Neo’s advances and dance moments with Kaisha at the Saturday night party and were allegedly caught together in the bathroom which further worsened the situation.

In a conversation with Laycon and Kiddwaya, Neo explained what led to the heated argument after Vee got angry that he ate her soup without her consent.

Neo disclosed:

β€œShe asked me why I ate the soup; that’s how the fight started. She should not be angry I ate the food alone, for ordinary plate of Okro you are doing all this rubbish.

β€œI just thought to myself that what will she do when we are in the real world. Also, before the party, I asked let’s take pictures, she ignored me.

β€œI thought we were cool at the party after we danced but then I asked her for a toast, and she said no, making reference to the soup earlier in the day.

β€œI got angry and said β€˜Fuck off,” now she is capitalizing on the fact that I disrespected her.

β€œI can sacrifice for my girl but just this small thing, and she’s angry at me. I try to humble myself before you but don’t think I don’t have sense.

β€œI try to make you feel special in every single way I can. I show how special Vee is to me in public and private but then, one tiny thing, you turn to something else, that thing pisses me off.”

Meanwhile, Praise on Saturday night told Wathoni that he saw Neo and Kaisha together in the bathroom.

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