Neo Issued a Strong and Final Warning for Obstructing Vee

Neo have been issued a final strong warning following his heated disagreement with his love interest Vee.

The fight started over food saw Neo storming off in annoyance leaving Vee all by herself at the dining table. An upset Vee walked in after him wondering why he was being immature about the whole thing. β€œWhat is your bloody problem, do you not understand I might be going tomorrow? Put your feelings aside for one second and behave like an adult,” she yelled. To which Neo responded that he was done while hurling curse words.

When Neo eventually got over his anger, he tried to plead with Vee, but she wasn’t having it saying some things cannot be taken back and warned him to stay away from her. Obviously not fazed by his pleas, she told him she didn’t care about their relationship anymore and since Neo had already said they were done, she was now confirming that it was over.

Neo Vee BBNaija

In his last attempt to broker peace, Neo stood by the door trying to keep her from leaving which even upset her the more. Upset and frustrated, Vee kept screaming to be let out until Lucy urged Neo to step away from the door to avoid a Strike.

Big Brother found Neo guilty of obstructing and restraining fellow housemate clearly depriving the housemate of freedom within Big Brother house which is against the house rule. He was issued a strong and a final warning.

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3 years ago

I deeply hurt what Erica was saying to Laycon hhey killing someone is very sensative. God will be with Laycon.