Nigerian Idol 68 Contestants at the Theatre Week Season 6 (2021)

At Theatre Week, all the Golden Ticket winners from around the country get to battle it out for a spot in the Top 10 where their fate will be determined by votes.

A total of 68 contestants out of over 3,000 applicants made it to the theatre week after they picked up their Golden Ticket during the audition.

This season’s theatre week will commence on Sunday 25th April, 2021. All contestants will battle with each other for 10 spots which will be determined by votes from viewers.

In Nigerian Idol, the Golden Ticket is what grants contestants access to Theatre Week. However, this time the Golden Ticket is not hidden in a chocolate bar. For contestants to get the Golden Ticket, they have to impress two of the three judges during the audition by how well they sing before getting a Golden Ticket.

Once the contestants make it past the Audition and Theatre Week stages, they will progress to show the world what they are really made of and who really has what it takes to be a Nigerian Idol.

They get to do this on the live stage with a live band. Every week, the contestants will step on stage in front of millions of viewers to perform a choice song, live. Their performance during the Live Show is how they get to secure the votes that determine their fate in the competition.

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