Nini and Saga Debate Who Kissed Whom First

When there are thorny issues in the House, they usually wind up in a form of court, where the Housemates might play as lawyers or judges.

Saga and Nini were the two litigants in today’s amusing court case, and the issue at hand was “who kissed whom first?”

Their Heads of Argument, on the other hand, focused on the central question of who stood still. Who went first for the kiss, and who returned the kiss? Saskay and Peace were the two judges on the bench. Saga joked about how they need to travel with lawyers, and we know just the right Housemates who can vehemently fight for them.

Nini and Saga BBNaija

When it came to giving witness, Saga was the first to do so, demonstrating how he stood still while Nini kissed him ten times. Nini stood up for herself and demonstrated that this was not an isolated incidence. Saga had allegedly busted her lip three days prior, and in his defense, Saga claimed he had also suffered a brain injury.

Despite the fact that the arguments were funny, Peace, as Acting Judge, decided to put the case on hold. Clearly, more information will be required later.

We’re looking forward to seeing Nini and Saga get cozier and more comfortable with each other, given how things have been between them. Saga has shown interest, and we worried – like most people – that it would go unrequited, but geng, here we are now, and things are about to get much more fascinating from here.

We hope the other Housemates are paying attention and aren’t flip-flopping on their love interests; if they follow Saga’s lead, they might just find themselves in a whole new Loveland.

Now, as it relates to the case in front of this court, we’d like to know what your decision is.

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