Nini, Pere, Arin, Boma and Beatrice Speaks on Sad Tales of their Past Relationships

The importance of connections cannot be overstated. That was today’s topic of debate in the House. A few of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates formed groups and had lighthearted discussions about their previous relationships and the lengths to which they would go to make them work.

Nini, Pere, Arin, Boma, and Beatrice were part of a cluster that discussed their first heartbreak and how it influenced how they approach relationships now. Pere recalled his first heartbreak, which occurred with an older woman who left him shattered on the inside. He went on to say that he had had his heart crushed three times in total.

Nini, on the other hand, stated that her heart had never been shattered since she was fast to leave relationships if she sensed something wasn’t right. Saga, who had showed interest in Nini, was obviously taken aback and told Boma about it when he returned to the group.

When Arin came in and narrated how her ex deceived her throughout their two-year relationship, Jackie B and Jaypaul connected over their experiences as well. She said he defrauded her when she tried to buy a vehicle. He felt safe in his con because he was in London, according to her, but she was finally able to have him arrested. Arin admits she was depressed after the incident, but she recovered quickly.

Jackie B shared her opinions as well, stating that she does not believe in the notion of an ex. She informed the geng that once she’s finished with a person, he’s no longer in her life. She also stated that she was OK with a couple having separate beds in the same house since she values personal space.

Jaypaul added his two cents to her tale, stating that his grandparents used separate rooms yet were devoted to one other. They were so in love that his grandfather died a few months after his grandmother died, unable to live without her.

The conversation on relationships went to the Lounge, where the Housemates gathered to continue sharing their stories. Tega’s story was the most disturbing of the ones told in the Lounge. She explained how she just found out her ex-boyfriend (who was also her current boyfriend at the time) was getting married a few days after their last meetup. She described how she had gone on a décor buying trip with him, which turned out to be for his forthcoming wedding.

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