Nini, Princess, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Peace, and Tega Wins BBNaija 2021 Guiness Task

The theme for today’s assignment is “Let Your Black Shine Through,” which was inspired by Guinness’ advertising campaign “Black Shines Brightest.” The campaign honors people who come together with innovation and optimism to make a difference in their communities.

Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Team Guinness Gold, and Team Guinness Smooth were the three teams that represented the three Guinness variants: Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Team Guinness Gold, and Team Guinness Smooth.

By delving into their unique and honest emotions, the Housemates’ ingenuity was displayed via their varied musical expressions.

A rhythm was played sporadically throughout the House to assist the Housemates in creating the song and rehearsing their performance as a group. The teams were required to utilize the manifesto as a source of inspiration for their songs and performance. Housemates were asked to sing their song live over the rhythm, and each team was assessed on how well their lyrics and stage presentation were innovative.

With Cross as their MC, Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout got off to a fantastic start, but with their limited time, Pere’s estimate of the verse-to-bridge ratio dropped off the bandwagon. They did, however, get a generous 21-point score. Team FES believes they lost because they didn’t finish their song, which is understandable given their competitive nature.

Yousef was selected as the MC by Team Guinness Smooth, and his opening was as vibrant as ever, dazzling the audience with his exaggerated motions and loud voice. JMK and Jackie B stole the stage with their choreography on Boma, who remained still, nonchalantly flaunting his stolen physique. Despite the fact that this intriguing portion drew the majority of our attention, they got a 13-point score for their inventiveness, flair, and rhythm.

Peace was chosen as the MC for Team Guinness Gold, and they put up an interestingly rhythmic performance with powerful stage presence and brilliant articulation of their songs. They won the Challenge with a score of 23 points and earned a lovely praise for internalizing the manifesto.

Nini, Princess, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Peace, and Tega won a cash reward of 500,000 Naira and a six-month supply of Guinness, respectively.

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Bridget Musie
Bridget Musie
2 years ago