OBIEBI – Ebiteinye Feels Unappreciated by Her Partner Obichukwu

ObiEbi seem like they’ve hit a rough patch in their relationship, and this comes just a few hours after they received messages from their parent figures.

In an emotional message, Ebiteinye’s mother praised her beauty from inside and out which is something she feels she’s not getting from her partner. In an emotional conversation, she told Obichukwu she feels he looks down on her and that makes her sad.

‘Physically, you make me feel like the worst person ever’, she said but Obichukwu quickly interjected that everything he says to her comes from a place of sincerity.

It’s not the first time this Couple has had this conversation and it’s always the same response: “do you want me to lie to you?” which brings the question as to whether it’s just insecurities creeping in or Obichukwu doesn’t know how to choose his words carefully.


Ebiteinye’s Parent Figure mentioned to her that, for the relationship to work, they have to trust each other, and it looks like that’s one of the ingredients they need to make their relationship work.

‘When you’re angry, I’m the last person you think about. But for me, not matter how angry I am, I’ll always call your name’, tearful Ebiteinye told Obichukwu.

In trying to make her feel better, he then assured her that he’s in love with her heart and will fight for her if there would ever be a need for him to. “Whatever we’re working towards, is solely for us”, he added.

Hopefully, ObiEbi will sort out whatever differences they might have and learn to appreciate one another.

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