Pere and Michael Believe Maria’s Eviction is Fake

Pere and Michael discuss Maria’s eviction and “Biggie’s Eviction Agenda,” which includes 15 Housemates facing eviction.

Pere and Michael had a late-night discussion about how many Housemates they anticipate will be evicted during the Sunday Live Eviction, and it turned out to be one of the most interesting late-night chats we’ve ever heard. At the very least, we got to witness how the majority of the Housemates are feeling right now.

The two agree that this game has a lot of different options, but it wasn’t long before they began decoding and dissecting last Sunday’s Eviction Show. Maria did not leave the BBNaija House, according to Pere and Michael. Both Housemates were persuaded that her Eviction was part of the grand strategy of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ experience as they took turns decoding the string of events leading up to her eviction. Michael questioned why Biggie took Ebuka off the stage for such a long period so close to her Eviction. Pere believes that one of the three Evictions from Sunday was a hoax, and it’s clear which one he believes is the hoax.

It wasn’t long before other Housemates chimed in with their thoughts on the 15 Housemates who were potentially facing eviction. A number of Housemates have debunked the possibility that this week’s Eviction is a hoax. When Biggie says jump, we say how high, and in this instance, the remaining 15 Housemates are up for eviction, thus voting to rescue your favourites is still open.

Maria’s flawless performance as a master of deception – from her stealthy play as the Wildcard to her Oscar-worthy performance in the Secret Task during her HOH reign – has the Housemates skeptical.

Cross spoke up after witnessing the tension in the room and reminded Housemates that they should be focusing on making the most of their final week in the House rather than decoding and analysing what he dubbed “Biggie’s Eviction Agenda.”

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