Pere and Queen BBNaija Ship

As the Peria Ship falls apart, a Queen hops into the picture.

Since Pere set his sights and mind on Maria the night she stepped into Biggie’s House, we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing Maria and Pere on our television screens. On top of their mic infringement tendencies, they’ve been giving off a Mr. and Mrs. Smith feel that has us wondering when the next explosion will flare up between them!

Things have changed between Maria and Pere in the last two weeks, and they now appear to despise each other. Pere initially liked Maria and made his feelings known through frequent flirtation, but things fizzled out and he changed his mind. โ€œPere is the most unpleasant person I have ever met,โ€ Maria said during her Diary Session on Tuesday. She considers him a friend, and she adores him. โ€œWe have this connection and everything, but I suddenly realized that he is constantly trying to bother me.โ€

Pere also revealed to Biggie that he and Maria were having โ€œfrictionโ€ and that they were having personal troubles relating to one another. Maria is said to have been defending herself and denying ever kissing Pere around the House. One tense morning during the week, he told Saga about it.

Check out what Pere had to say about his vibe with Maria below:

So now we have a potential love triangle forming between these three Housemates – Maria, Pere, and Queen โ€“ that isn’t entirely founded on love. Queen liked Boma, but she had made it apparent that she liked Pere. Boma had been amusing her, but when he declared himself an okro and declared that he would not be tied down to a woman, he changed his tune. He topped it off by secretly cruising with Angel, injuring both Queen and Sammie.

Pere and Queen have been becoming closer in recent months, which we’ve observed. We’ve been watching Pere and Queen for a few days now, and we finally saw her fall asleep in his arms today.

At the end of the Friday Jacuzzi party, Queen made herself at home on top of Pere, who was seated in a garden chair. It was a scene that piqued our interest for some sizzling drama in the next days, or at the very least the next two?

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