Pere BBNaija 2021 Diary Session (Week 5)

Following the nomination for Week 5, the Housemates were invited into the diary room to discuss how they feel about the nomination and other things. This is what Pere said in her Diary Session.

I think i deserve the punishment cos I disregarded the rules regarding the mic. The whispering game involved almost everyone aside 4 people that were sleeping. We owe it to ourselves to be everyone’s watch man in order to avoid punishment. Being each other eyes and ears — Pere

I’ve been expecting to be up for possible eviction soon after the wild card, it’s coming late but yeah! I saw it coming, wasn’t surprised, i was prepared mentally, and with the issue i had with Whitemoney, their opinions and cos everyone took his side.

I nominated Jay and Michael because I felt those two don’t have so much weight so they were the two easiest. I have nothing personal with any of them, i relate with them well. Just felt they don’t have much weight but I might be wrong. Liquorose is a very intelligent girl and I expect her to deliver as HOH.

I feel Maria nominated me because we’ve been having friction in relating with each other. i think Tega, Peace, Boma, Cross, Whitemoney and most of the housemates nominated me due to their own personal reasons, I’m sure amongst other persons who had been nominated, I have the highest numbers. I saw that coming.

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Mudau Tshifhiwa
Mudau Tshifhiwa
2 years ago

Maria and pere your safe please take a seat!