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Pharmsavi and Christy O Sparks Dating Rumour

Housemates at Level 2 Pharmsavi and Christy O are becoming more intimate. Since they entered the House, the two have taken a fancy to one another. Christy O and Pharmsavi were sitting close to one other when they first entered the House, and Christy O even complimented him on his smile.

She got a back rub from Pharmsavi the day she was nominated. She admitted to Amaka how tough it was for her to convey her feelings around a potential eviction. When she required a massage, Pharmsavi was there to assist.


Pharmsavi dozed off in Christy O’s bed on Day 10, and the two had a chance to discuss it on Day 11. Christy O disputes Pharmsavi’s assertion that she avoided him on Day 11, saying instead that she showered after working out, put on makeup, and then went to bed. Pharmsavi worries about how their time together last night might have impacted their bond.

Christy O told Pharmsavi that if she did not want him in her bed, she would have asked him to leave. She did, however, have to wake him up during the night. When asked why, she said it was because he was making weird sounds. The two laughed, leading Christy O to tell him “you make me laugh”. Pharmsavi was glad to hear this because he says he is doing his job, which is to make people happy.

When they are together, these two are always laughing and have a good time talking about their likes and dislikes. Today, Christy O noticed that he was very jubilant after their impromptu sports Task where they played soccer. Pharmsavi told her that soccer makes him happy.

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