Photos of Chris Ville Ultimate Love Season 1 Guest/Housemate (Pictures)

Photos of Chris Ville is one of the love guest/contestants/Housemates who put in for the first season of the Ultimate love reality show. He was introduced into the show on the second week (Friday 21, February, 2020) of the show.

Tall, dark and handsome Chris Ville has vowed to bring empathy, passion and a whole lot of loving to the Love Pad? Who do you see him paired with?

Looks like Chris Ville will bring empathy, affection and of course loving to the Love Pad!

Photos/Pictures of Chris Ville

Chris-Ville-Ultimate-love.jpg Chris-Ville-Ultimate-love.jpg Chris-Ville-Ultimate-love Chris-Ville-Ultimate-love.jpg Chris-Ville-Ultimate-love.jpg

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