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Big Brother 23 is the twenty-third season of the reality television show Big Brother. The season will premiere on CBS in the United States on July 7, 2021, with a live move-in. The show follows a group of players known as Houseguests as they strive to be the last contestant standing in the hopes of winning a grand prize of $500,000.

Big Brother follows a group of participants known as HouseGuests who reside in a custom-built home equipped with cameras and microphones that record their every move 24 hours a day. The HouseGuests are confined to the Big Brother House and have no access to the outside world. During their stay, HouseGuests meet in a secret chamber known as the Diary Room to express their thoughts on events and other houseguests.

The HouseGuests engage in a variety of competitions each week in order to gain power and safety inside the house. The HouseGuests compete in the Head of Household (abbreviated as “HoH”) competition at the start of each week. The winner of the House of Horrors competition is immune to eviction and will suggest two HouseGuests for eviction. Then six HouseGuests are chosen to compete in the Power of Veto (abbreviated as “PoV”) competition: the reigning HoH and nominees are guaranteed to play, with the other spots distributed by random draw to other HouseGuests.

The winner of the PoV challenge will have the option of rescinding or maintaining one of the nominated HouseGuests. The HoH must promptly designate another HouseGuest for eviction if the veto winner exercises this power. The winner of the People’s Choice Award is likewise exempt from being chosen as a replacement nominee.

All HouseGuests must vote to eliminate one of the nominees on eviction night. The nominees and the Head of Household are not eligible to vote. This mandatory vote takes place in the Diary Room, which is completely private. In the event of a tie, the Head of Household will vote in front of all the HouseGuests in the living room to break the tie. The candidate who receives the most votes is voted out of the house.

Following their eviction, the remaining nine expelled HouseGuests, known as the Jury, are sequestered in a separate house and ultimately pick the season’s winner. Except for events and ceremonies involving all of the remaining HouseGuests, the Jury is not permitted to watch the broadcast. They are not shown any Diary Room interviews or footage that could reveal nomination strategy or details.

The public can vote for their favorite HouseGuest of the season and earn an additional $25,000 reward. Except for those who voluntarily leave or are forcibly removed for rule-breaking, all expelled HouseGuests are eligible for this honor.

Big Brother 23 Cast

Here are the 16 Big Brother 23 houseguest for this season.

  1. Alyssa Lopez
  2. Azah Awasum
  3. Brent Champagne
  4. Britini D’Angelo
  5. Christian Birkenberger
  6. Christie Valdiserri
  7. Derek Frazier
  8. Derek Xiao
  9. Brandon “Frenchie” French
  10. Hannah Chaddha
  11. Kyland Young
  12. Sarah Steagall
  13. Tiffany Mitchell
  14. Travis Long
  15. Whitney Williams
  16. Xavier Prather

Vote Poll- Vote Your Favourite Big Brother 23 Houseguest

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