Relationships in Big Brother Naija House – See Who Is into Who

There’s still a lot of gaming remaining in the Shine Ya Eye season, and it’ll get simpler to summarize what’s going on in the Big Brother House as the Housemate numbers start to dwindle. The entire complement of 22 individuals is now offering too many tales that don’t quite resolve into a nice, tidy plot.

For example, the state of a relationship – or “shipsuation,” as it has eventually been called – is just too nebulous to adequately explain. Nothing illustrates this more than Liquorose and Emmanuel’s fight yesterday, when the former told the latter that his conflicting signals were annoying her, and that his hesitant approach toward a more serious relationship was aggravating her. If the real Housemates participating have no idea what’s going on, we, the viewers, can’t be blamed for having trouble following along.

Liquorose and Emmanuel BBNaija 2021

Then there’s Maria’s relationship with Pere, or “Periam,” as some prefer to refer to it. Pere’s recent conversations with others about how he’s no longer really interested seems to have put the kibosh on that. They were both Wildcards, and they certainly seemed to be warming up to each other, but Pere’s recent conversations with others about how he’s no longer really interested has put the kibosh on that (at least, for now).

This type of back-and-forth has been the norm lately. Pere and Maria were back to flirting the best manner they know how last night, trading sarcastic comments and insults coated in honey while the rest of the House laughed.

Maria and Pere BBNaija 2021

Perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked in this case – 22 people jammed into a House isn’t exactly conducive to clarity: there’s just too much going on, and the Housemates have a lot to consider when it comes to the Game’s mechanics. There are BB Tokens to be won, Abeg Naira to be hoarded, a weekly Head of House competition to accomplish, and a continual flurry of Biggie Tasks to do. Perhaps the Housemates simply don’t have the bandwidth to handle something as sophisticated as a full view, public romance in the thick of it all.

The fact that everyone is still getting along is a bit unexpected. It’s only been a few days since the first round of Nominations, which were remarkable in that only Maria and Pere took part, giving the five Nominees a good idea of who was to blame for their position. This is especially true for Yousef, who wasn’t even among the Nominated until Boma used his Head of House Veto to put him on the list in lieu of Jaypaul.

Despite this, the Housemates appear to be content with each other’s presence. Whitemoney has previously stated that it is not personal, and Yousef appears to be managing to get through the day without becoming grumpy (at least, not more than usual).

Maybe it’s because, after just twelve days, none of the Nominated Housemates feel like they’ve put too much effort into the game. Perhaps this is only a coping technique, and things are closer to breaking point than we realize. There’s undoubtedly the potential for things to go awry β€” the Saturday Night Party is notorious for its heavy alcohol intake and loose tongues.

Or maybe – just maybe – once the first Evictions take place and the stakes become clear to everyone involved, this will all become very real. There’s just one way to discover the truth.

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