Saga Seeks Reconciliation for Pere and Whitemoney

Pere and Whitemoney are on the road to reconciliation.

Pere and Whitemoney got into a fierce argument in the early hours of the morning, overshadowing all of the pleasant games the Housemates had been playing during the night.

Whitemoney pulled Saga aside during their cleaning session to talk about the incident, saying that he doesn’t understand why he and Pere are at odds. He explained that his guesses were based on his knowledge of Pere’s status as a Wildcard and the possibility that he had been told by someone. This, though, may have touched a nerve with Pere. Saga listened intently and made it a point to console Whitemoney for his distress.

Saga and Pere had a brief conversation in the Game’s Lounge about the escalating tensions in the House. He urged him to take action rather than wait for the stress to dissipate.

Pere is taking in Saga’s words of wisdom. The feud between Pere and Whitemoney may soon be over thanks to Saga, the key mediator.

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Ogbe Paul
Ogbe Paul
2 years ago

Well done saga

Kumba jawara
Kumba jawara
2 years ago

White money for life