Sammie and Liquorose Wins Friday Abeg Task for Week 2

This week Abeg task was a test of speed and endurance for the Housemates. The mission was a homage to all of the brave servicemen and women. The Task was separated into two challenge rounds, giving the Housemates the chance to earn the coveted Abeg Naira. The Housemates were divided into two groups for the first task, tug of war. Boma, Saskay, Niyi, Cross, Maria, Arin, Yousef, Sammie, Jackie B, Tega, and Princess were in group one. The second group consisted of the remaining Housemates.

They were given a rope and there was a center mark in the Arena. Each group was to hold on to the opposite end of the rope, drag until at least three housemates of the opposing group were pulled across the line or alternatively the group runs out of rope. This challenge was designed to run for five minutes. If there was no clear winner by the end of the 5 minutes, both teams would lose and the Abeg Naira reward would remain with Big Brother. At the sound of the buzzer, both teams scrambled against each other in a bid to be the winning team. After some collective struggle, group 2 won the challenge with each member receiving 100 Abeg Naira each.

It was an appropriate job for the Housemates, who plainly needed to let off steam after a long day. Biggie sent the Shine Ya Eye geng their second challenge after a brief pause for water. It was a one-on-one course that was meant to take each Housemate no more than two minutes to finish. The obstacle course featured five tasks that had to be accomplished throughout the round.

The obstacle course was as follows:

  • Challenge 1: Jump in and out of the tyres.
  • Challenge 2: Climb up and down the h ll.
  • Challenge 3: Crawl under the ropes to get to the other side.
  • Challenge 4: Go over each hurdle to reach the other side.
  • Challenge 5: Drag the large tyre from the first marked spot to the second. Ensure that the second marked spot is visible through the inner circle of the tyre.

Each Housemate had to proceed to the end position after completing the first task, raise their arms, and declare, “Abeg, I have done.” Only two Housemates would be crowned winners: a guy and a female. Those who finished in the fastest time were to get 500 Abeg Naira apiece. The Housemates gave it their all in this task, with some demonstrating their real athletic abilities. Boma, the incumbent HoH, breezed over the course, and Saskay followed suit, easily completing the test and demonstrating her strength.

Emmanuel, Niyi, Cross, and Yousef moved quickly and made it appear as though they were doing it naturally. Maria gave it her all, dropping her beany midway through the obstacle course and battling the tyre a little. Arin battled with the tyre as well; it appeared to be a genuine test of athletic ability. Sammie was lightning fast at the routine, doing it in record time. Jackie B made a false start but recovered fast and fine-tuned the tires. Tega demonstrated her talents, finally shouting the obligatory “Abeg I’m finished” at the end of the course.

Princess got out to a great start but slowed down around halfway through the race. Jaypaul appeared light and effortless, as if he had designed the task specifically for him. Angel came close to falling in the beginning, but she pulled her socks up at the finish after barely clearing the hurdles.

Yerins appeared to be in good shape, but Dr. Polymath demonstrated that his strength resides in his knowledge. Beatrice moved with ease and showed us sportswomanship, as if she was meant for combat. Nini persevered throughout the race, and Saga, the resident coach, controlled the situation to the very finish. Peace slayed the task with her long hairdo like a champ, while Whitemoney went about it in a way that we haven’t seen in morning exercises before. Pere showed us that he is genuinely from the military by swishing through Liquorose, who was a bundle of excitement as usual.

The Housemates, on the other hand, disobeyed the rules, and Big Brother chastised them for it. Sammie and Liquorose were the Winners in the end, each taking home 500 Abeg Naira. Sammie, who has been whining about his empty wallet, is finally getting some sun.

Biggie ended by complimenting Sammie and Liquorose and implying that they should join the army. All Housemates were told they could have a Jacuzzi party as a reward because the garden area was now accessible to them. After the Abeg Task, the BB Token challenge winners were also announced.

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NK Love
NK Love
2 years ago

Congratulations to my favorite