Sammie Hurt Over Angel and Boma’s Closeness

Angel and Boma’s fresh bed-sharing antics are drawing attention. Sammie expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in an honest talk with Big Brother this afternoon.

If you recall, Sammie and Angel were the first ship to sail in the Shine Ya Eye House, and it appears that their love has come to an end after a few breakups and makeups. Things have gotten a lot messier than anyone expected, especially Sammie.

Sammie BBNaija 2021

“Boma is a friend of mine, and we used to gist earlier. He and Angel are now working behind my back. How would he feel if he were in my place and I did that to him? People differ, but I would never do something like that to him. He knew there was a spark between me and Angel,โ€ Sammie stated, implying that Boma and Angel are more than pals.

When Biggie asked Sammie if he was jealous, Sammie insisted he is โ€œirritatedโ€ more than anything. โ€œI overreacted last time and Iโ€™m trying to avoid being labeled as a jealous boy. She is entitled to her own choice and is entitled to do what she wants to do. I have chosen to mind my business and only vibe with her as friends. I majestically walked into the ship โ€“ and it crashed,โ€ he told Big Brother.

Angel and Boma BBNaija

Although Sammie has decided to remove himself and completely ignore everything Angel is doing to make him jealous (allegedly), Sammie is caught between a rock and a hard place and feels he canโ€™t move on and catch cruise with anyone else, because the other ladies would feel like his โ€˜Plan Bโ€™.ย  โ€œIโ€™m kind of emotional. Iโ€™m learning about myself and trying to be on my own. Weโ€™re friends now, but I canโ€™t do anything with anyone because everyone knows me as Angelโ€™s person. She was crushing on Cross and me and I asked for clarity. She said she is attracted to me. I went in with my full chest and everything was moving smoothly, until it broke down.โ€

Like the bestie everyone deserves, Biggie was there with a listening ear and even put a neat bow on it with some sound advice. โ€œThe past is a different country. Try not to dwell on what you and her were. Instead, accept what you have become. Feel free to let the House know that there is nothing between the two of you.โ€

After his conversation with Big Brother, Sammie was relieved and pledged to speak with his fellow Housemates about the condition of his and Angel’s relationship. The question is whether he will confide in his friend Boma about how he is feeling. Or will he keep it all inside and wait to see what happens?

Later this afternoon, Angel and JMK had a conversation regarding Boma, with JMK recommending Angel to focus her attention on Boma, who was once close to Queen. In answer, Angel stated that she is aware that Boma is going on a cruise and that she is fine with it as well. Is this going to end in tears? Only time will tell if this is true.

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2 years ago

I love Yousef & Cross they r u my favorite guys in bbnaija 2021…from South Africa