Saskay and Jaypaul Shares Passionate Kiss

Saskay and Jaypaul took their “relationship” to a new level last night.

The passionate kiss between Saskay and Jaypaul could be the long-awaited resolution to their perplexing love triangle featuring Cross. Is that the case?

Cross told Saskay that he wanted to share a bed with her after his shower in the late hours of the evening. Jaypaul, on the other hand, had already made himself at home on the bed with Saskay by the time he returned.

Cross, seeing that he was too slow to draw, chose a bed between the two Housemates and retired for the night.

While the rest of the housemates slept, Saskay and Jaypaul took things to the next level with an intimate French kiss that had us clench our pearls and lit up the social media streets. Talk about a steaming cup of tea.

In the last three days, Saskay has had to choose between Cross and Jaypaul for a potential ship. Both men have expressed their feelings for Saskay, but Jaypaul appears to be the one who has gone all out. Jaypaul will be in Saskay’s space or at her side whenever he gets the chance.

Following this week’s dramatic Evictions, Saskay transferred her belongings from her old bedroom to Cross’s (perhaps to be closer to her love interest, or because sleeping space was available?) Jaypaul, on the other hand, has followed her there as well, perhaps to keep an eye on Cross and Saskay?

Given the string of events that occurred between her and Jaypaul last night, what appeared to be a love triangle may soon be over.

Cross, she said in her conversation with Peace, hasn’t put in as much effort getting to know her, whereas Jaypaul has been open and lovely to her. He expressed his affections for her and stated that he loves her, she revealed.

She seems to have a warm spot for Jaypaul, and this kiss has solidified her decision regarding the triangle, at least until she meets Cross again. We’re interested if this kissing moment has changed Saskay’s attitude about shipping, despite the fact that she previously told Tega that she’s not here to ship with anyone.

Although the other Housemates were not witness to their kiss, we wonder if the secret will be revealed through Saskay or Jaypaul. We’re curious how Cross will respond when he learns the truth.

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Max Johnson
Max Johnson
2 years ago

I love this couple so very much