See the Cause of Adekunle and Sheggz Fight (Video)

Adekunle and Sheggz clashed one more last night after attempting to resolve their differences following Ebuka’s ground-breaking House crossover during this past Sunday’s 5th Live Show. After a brief exchange of words, the argument turned physical and involved yelling. Sheggz referred to Adekunle as “stupid,” and he continued by saying that he did not consider Adekunle to be intellectual.”

Adekunle became agitated when he heard the word “stupid.” He claimed that he “was ready to fight” Sheggz even if it resulted in receiving a Strike. The Level 1 Housemates intervened as Adekunle edged closer to Sheggz, breaking up the altercation before it turned physical.

On the surface, the brawl seems trivial. However, we can’t help but wonder if the fight’s leading cause is due to underlying issues. Adekunle had previously revealed that he liked Bella before Sheggz came into the picture. He also called their relationship a ‘strategy’ during a conversation with Giddyfia and Diana. Sheggz, on the other hand, thinks Adekunle is not genuine, talks about him behind his back and he struggles to see ‘where his heart is at.’

Doyin chats with Sheggz about his fight with Adekunle and how it started. Doyin told him she did not see it coming while Sheggz goes on to explain the reason why he believes the fight happened.

What are your thoughts?

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