See What Caused Jay and Arnold Misunderstanding – Ultimate Love

In this article I will discussed how and what caused the misunderstanding between Arnold and Jay in week 6 of the Ultimate Love reality show and how Aunty moved in to resolve the crisis.

Jay is frustrated with, what he feels, are malicious remarks from Arnold and he needed it addressed. We all remember the moment Jay reached out to shake Arnold’s hand and the latter laughed and said he should rather kiss him because he was a “Judas”. Sharp words for Jay after he and Nkechi Nominated Bolar two weeks ago.

Arnold and Jay

Jay laughed out loud and walked away but as we’d soon discover, that laughter was merely masking outrage. Yesterday, he penned a letter to Aunty complaining about Arnold saying things that make him seem like a wicked and deceitful person to the public but pretending to be saying them as a joke.

At least, this is how Jay perceives it and perception is everything. Jay signed the letter off saying he wasn’t going to be responsible for his actions if it came down to a confrontation, something that prompted Aunty to get everything out in the open.

Jay Arnold

After Jay got the floor and opened up about his frustrations, Arnold was confused and upset. As he would later tell Bolanle, he meant everything he said as a joke and stressed that he never called Jay “evil”. He also felt Jay blowing things out of proportion was an attempt to get him into trouble. Bolanle showered him with kisses and tried to console him before going to confront Jay which only seemed to make him even more upset, especially after she accused him of putting up his friend Louis, twice!

Jay Arnold

Nkechi’s attempts to talk one-on-one with her man weren’t nearly as successful. He shut the conversation down immediately. Nkechi then retorted, “So you’ll talk to Bolanle for 30 min but you won’t talk to me?” which must have stung coming from his partner. They then silently walked away from each other.

On the one hand we feel Nkechi’s pain because she got pushed away when she was trying to be supportive and vulnerable but Jay was also worn down because EVERYONE was trying to give their two cents and mediate the conflict between him and Arnold.

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